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Rollout update, April 2022:

The Category areas noted below, and their links, have several planned additions.

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General Information

Your two best start points for content on this site (The Portal) are on the Entrance and Big Picture web pages. 

For search tools, we presently offer several links in the Menu and Links from the menu area at the top of the screen.

Destinations is a very popular area on the site. It links you to major topic areas like Basics, the Earth (Environment and Climate) and Essences (e.g. – Lifestyles). Links to Destinations appears on this web page as well. 

Creativity, Inspiration and Vision

Creativity, Inspiration and Vision-building is woven throughout all of the world of Reimagine-Rethink-Community (RRC).

We think the best approach is to get the creative juices flowing and build out a vision with your team of people. Reimagine My Community is focused on that. The Reimagine My Community link will take you directly to that website. We also want to stress that if you have a way that works better for you and your team, we strongly encourage you to follow that.

Because Rethink websites and web pages are “birthed” from a place of Reimagining, we have also included Rethink here. Rethink is quite creative in its own right. 

The Entrance and Big Picture web pages on this site provide additional details on areas that Rethink looks at. 

As well, the Idea Center and the Showcase (Visions and Builds) will help provide ideas to inspire you. Destinations is great for this as well.

Get Your Community Going!

In these topics, we focus on what an actual project might look like. 

So we begin to move from the areas of imagination and vision into something more connected with our daily lives.

Visions and Builds is creative (Visions) and focused on current projects (Builds).


Destinations is our main departure point for larger topics like:

  • Basics
  • Locations
  • Belonging
  • Earth
  • Essences

The General Information pages (see above) recommend important areas to look at first. Destinations is discussed in the General Information links.


We all need a place to live!

Housing is a major topic for each one of us.

Many of the important areas for this broad topic can be found in these links. Sample topics:

  • Cohousing
  • Intentional Communities
  • Development of Villages
  • Tiny House Communities
  • Ecovillages


We all need to eat!

There’s a lot going on in here ranging from topics like:

  • Self-sufficiency – Food Supply
  • Networked Communities
  • Eco-friendly methods
  • Food Storage

Enhancements Pending

Content or additional functionality for this link, page or function is in development. 

We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.