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Change in
Your Future?

What’s the outlook for the future for you and your family? The way the world seems to be headed? Or, perhaps you are considering change arising from work, family needs, or other reasons?

Climate Change and Migration

Climate Change?  Climate Migration?  Is your area being hit by drought, wildfires or crazy weather?

Housing and Food Costs

What about Affordable Housing? Food Costs and supply chain reliability?  Empty shelves at times.

Inflation and rising costs don’t seem to be on a holiday. That’s not helping grocery bills or commute costs.

Better Future and Lifestyle

We aren’t a “Prepper Site.” Yes, we know that emergency preparedness is a good idea.

We know that many people we talk to have concerns about trends in the news. They are looking to make changes to reduce risk.

Perhaps you are looking for potential solutions (or at least some ideas). Some of you might be looking for the Basics of Life. Maybe you are thinking on a move or change of lifestyle. Maybe, just quietly—or not so quietly—you are concerned about the future for you, your friends and loved ones.

Or, you might just want some clean, fresh air and a new Country Life!  A new life. A fresh start. Better health and lifestyle for you and your family. Or, if you prefer or need be in a City, what can be done to help address some of these concerns?

We are a Public Service Website

There are many reasons for change in people’s lives.

We are a public service website. We offer lots of free content. Ideas to help spark creative solutions.

We hope you will find it valuable.

The topics above are just some of the areas we get into.

We appreciate any support you can provide through our online “The Village Marketplace” so we can keep preparing content.

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Destinations – Our Main Areas

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This Destination explores Villages, Neighborhoods, the Basics of Life and Farms

City?  Country?  It’s up to you!

From Families to Nations, you have a place!

Everything from organic practices to healthy alternatives (lifestyle, food, housing). 

Atmospheres, City Life Styles and Country Life Styles

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Visions and Builds

Visions and Builds

Visions and Builds is a fountain for creative input (ours, yours) and output (ours, yours).

Seed ideas into our Idea Center to help others and your Community. Use seed ideas for your Community. All ideas are shared for all of us to use and benefit!

Check out current happenings and projects in Showcase

Idea Center and the Showcase are part of Visions and Builds.

Ideas look forward in time. These are creative ideas to assist the creation of Community-based Projects.

Showcase are inspirational projects that we like to show off (they aren’t just ours!).

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Sometimes life brings change

We're here to help ...

We’re here to help navigate change as you seek out Community. 

This a public service website. If you like what you see, please do drop by our store (we are busy getting something on the shelves).  Stay tuned.

We write informally but dive into hard topics. Reimagine My Community (Reimagine) is more playful. Check out the characters in Reimagine (one of them, Muttlee, is pictured).

We appreciate your support through purchase of products in our eStore (The Village Marketplace)—it helps us out as we prepare content. 

You are more than welcome to use this site without supporting us, and without any sense of obligation. What is foremost in our minds is that you discover what you are looking for in Community.

We also sincerely hope that what you discover becomes a positive experience for you.

He’s one of the characters in Reimagine.

Check out Reimagine for what we mean by Community (it’s not a weird commune).  Here’s a quick peek (Reimagine Community Article) if you’re curious. Come back afterwards! Or keep cruising and have fun! However, we definitely recommend a quick tour of The Portal (this website).

About Keeping in Touch

We don’t ask for email addresses, unless you take steps to ask us to send you updates. We will (soon) provide a link—we think that you will sign up if you are interested. We aren’t set up for that yet.

We are all about forming Community.

For us, that means offering communication (such as email updates) but not requiring it.

We offer several doors to explore

You might be living in the City or Country and want to make some changes. Local move. Lifestyle. Food supply. Work.

Or, perhaps you are moving to the City or the Country. 

We navigate change in the context of Community.

Start it up with the Big Picture

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Humanitarian Portal

In addition to our concerns surrounding issues like the Environment and Climate Change, we have a strong Humanitarian concern.

We believe Community helps to provide answers to those areas of concern.

Humanitarian Portal


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We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.