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Big Picture

We start with basic colors and building blocks

Think of Reimagine like Primary Colors

Nothing happens without them.

It’s really not all that complicated.

The first step we encourage is to focus on Creativity. That’s within Reimagine My Community (“Reimagine”).

Creativity, but with a twist. Reimagine takes you on a Trek and helps to Build the Vision. There’s lots to look at there (50 or so webpages).

Once you have the Vision for what you want  for Community, then it’s time to really focus on Rethink.

We’re flexible. Some readers like to just cruise the sites. 

Here's a Graphic Showing a Top-Level View of Reimagine-Rethink-Community (RRC)

It’s up to you.

Note: Neighborhood spelling: USA (neighborhood) and other English variants (neighbourhood) are managed in Reimagine-Rethink-Community. They point to the same content.

Links to Reimagine and Rethink

We Group Major Areas and Add Dimensions

Destinations adds groups to the above and builds out thinking across other dimensions.






Destinations is always available at any time from the Menu or Link area.

You will likely find that Destinations is something that you use often to access various major areas.

Additional explanations for each area are further down this page. Link to Destinations:

Main Building Blocks and Reimagine-Rethink

Portal Structure

Reimagine Dives into Some Challenging Topics

Let’s face it. Most of us are genuinely concerned about where this planet is headed.

Your area of concern may differ from your neighbor’s area of concern. Many of us are deeply concerned about Climate Change. There are other major challenges ranging from Disease (like Covid) to War. Drought and Food Supply.

Many of us don’t like to change unless something “nudges us” or “change is forced upon us.”

Often, we need to reimagine pathways forward so we can build a better life.

Do you Post and Blog?


We are building capacity and volume.

We only use the latest and greatest methods and organic inks. We’ve got the jump on LED lights. Power outages don’t bother us. Notice how we are total geniuses at avoiding the burning of fossil fuels (except for barbecue in the fireplace).

BUT, and it’s a BIG BUT, don’t go lookin’ for a “Blog” in the Menu. We call it Eyes-n-Ears.


We like videos, shorts, vlogs, and other forms of media. We like to write. Our intended communication goes beyond blogging. 

So we invented another label. Eyes-n-Ears. You’ll find it in the Menu. 

Or you can just click on this button:


Main Branches

Decisions and More Decisions

It happens … you’re not the only one doing
some head-scratching in life.

City or Country?

City or Country?  That’s up to you.

That’s why we show an up-and-down line going both directions from City to Country at the top of this page.

We know people move in both directions.

We also know people like to stay where they are but they want to see it become something better!

Checking out City and Country?

Are you interested in the following topics?  If so, you might want to check it out …

Destinations Takes You on Journeys

Destinations is a convenient way to explore some of our main topic areas. It’s available from the Menu or Links (top of any page).

Our main topic areas follow (Basics, Locations, Belonging, Earth, Essences). These are the areas that Destinations accesses.

Destinations is a quick way to access these areas. Check the “short cut” (it’s the same as the Menu or Links) out here if you like:


Basics views our connection with society as critical to our collective and individual well-being.

Villages and Neighborhoods are natural points of connection. We can’t all be Farmers. We can’t all work in Factories or run a business. We celebrate differences!

The Basics of Life (e.g. – Food, Water, Housing, Friends) are core to our existence.

For viewers desiring a Neighborhood where they can be part of a Family, this is a good section.

We suppose you want something to live in? Follow our Launch Projects …

Follow the Projects


In Locations, we Reimagine and Rethink life in the City and in the Country.

Country Life covers a broad range of “Country.” Country can be anything from an area just outside of a City all the way to the Wilderness.

The choice is up to you.

We have no stated preference (City or Country Life) for you: it’s your choice. We understand that people move in both directions. We understand that people may chose a quieter lifestyle in the Country or desire the culture, resources and amenities of the City.

We used the label “Country Life” so as to avoid confusion with “Country.” When we use “Country” in our writing, it generally refers to City versus Country. As in “Oh, are you thinking about moving to the country?”

If we mean “Country” in a geo-political sense (like a Country on a world map), we will provide context for clarity.


Families are a fundamental building block in the formation of healthy Community.

Indigenous and other Communities (e.g. – Celtic Clans) formed Villages made up of several Families.

Regardless of whether or not you participate in other forms (Bands, Clans, Tribes or Nations), a sense of Belonging is core to your well-being.

Whether we are single, orphaned, elderly or within a group seen in our society as a “Family”, Belonging is incredibly important.  Personal identity can be strengthened when we Belong and are part of a Community.

Many factors can arise in life that create a sense of not being in a Family.

For individuals without a sense of Family, a way to experience being part of a Family is fundamental to our sense of Belonging. Without this, our experience becomes one of aloneness and feeling unconnected and even orphaned.

We need one another. Belonging is fundamental to our well-being and existence. Family and Friends are core human needs.

Reimagine-Rethink-Community approaches Community in the context of building blocks, with the key foundation being a “Family.”


In Earth, we Reimagine and Rethink our environmentally responsible places and forms of Dwelling.


Essences Reimagines and Rethinks being “neighborly” and creating Atmospheres that are attractive to you and others.

Atmospheres applies to life in the City as well as the Country.

Atmospheres looks at life in two ways:

  • First is the actual air (“Atmosphere”) we breath
  • Second is the Atmosphere we create for others

Our internal Essence defines who we are and includes factors like our preferences, choices, life experiences, friends, goals and desires. All of this factors into what works for you. Different strokes for different folks! Even color choices and what you like on your sandwich is shaped by our Essence.

Other similar words include concepts such as “ambience” “vibes, “feelings”, “senses”, “impressions” and “moods”.

If you enjoy designing, decorating, landscaping and making your home more than just a house, this is a great area to explore. It’s about your Lifestyle!

Lifestyles that are “green” and “eco-friendly” are good for the Atmosphere. Reimagine-Rethink encourages this approach.

Reimagine and Dream...

But don’t forget the science behind that lightbulb.


Enhancements Pending

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We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.