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Yes. Needed.

But, realistically, we would just mess things up if we said “Sure!” since we need a bit of ramp time to be organized for that sort of thing. There’s a wide set of skills that goes into bringing sites like this online. Content creation takes a lot of work. We realize that there are people who eat and drink graphics and really make websites rock.

Mainly, we are writers and thinkers. We like to create and imagine things. We like meme’s, parody, music, visual arts and associating photos and graphics with textual content. We are cool in 2D and 3D. Or 4D or 5D and time warps.

Community is a HUGE topic area with tremendous societal need. We know that. It’s our area of passion.

Contact Us

You will find our email address in the footer.  Click on the Contact button. We apologize in advance for any slow responses to website content. We are just getting started. 

eStore publications in The Village Marketplace are handled, typically, through Amazon. We may consider other channels as we have additional time to work with those channels.

Politics and Religion

We try to stay apolitical and areligious since we are trying to reach as many as possible with Reimagine-Rethink-Community (RRC). We don’t really care if you are right or left wing. Or bottom wing or top wing.

We do hope you will think through, carefully, your position on these topics and other sensitive topics.

We try to minimize wing nut positions. You know … the ones that plague some news feeds. We won’t specify which news feeds. We value and appreciate honest and solid journalism. Good journalism tries to do their homework and be honest. We like it when channels and streams seek to do their homework and research; especially, with the more challenging topics.

We do care that you show social responsibility, are honest, and practice ethical behavior to the best of your ability. Please see Reimagine My Community to better understand how we feel about various topics. It’s sprinkled throughout that site.

We are good with a spirituality and ethical base that benefits society.

We understand that we all are on a journey of sorts in our own individual pathways in life. We value personal choice. We value discussions. We stand against forms of dogmatism that refuse sensible discussion.

We support your right to think through your position and belief structure. May your roots go deep.

Other Sensitive Topics

Community, by definition, is inclusive.  Check out Reimagine My Community for additional comments within the site. Society puts up far too many walls with others who think differently. We value people from all walks of life, colors and creeds.

But we do take positions. We are not flat earthers and we do have deep concerns surrounding Climate Change. There are several pages that comment on Climate Change: notably in Reimagine My Community. We lean towards observable data and science but we do not place science on some kind of pedestal. We know that not everything can be understood with what we see and logic. Lots of things can be seen. Logic is valuable.

But not everything is visible.

Let us know when you figure out romance and why puppy dogs are so accepting.

Getting Started

Hands down, we think Reimagine is the best place to start.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, there’s lots of people who might find Reimagine too focused on Vision discovery and clarity of vision. Or they discard the value of imagination and creativity.

We think we dive deeper than that. However, we do respect a position that says: “I know what I want. Show me how to get rolling.”

From our perspective, it’s a lot like asking a contractor “How much to build a house?”

Well, that depends. It’s often the unasked questions and assumptions that trip us up. Even when we think we have nailed the details for the house …

Second looks, second opinions and a “rethinking” are valuable.


Enhancements Pending

Content or additional functionality for this link, page or function is in development. 

We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.