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Trending and Hot Topics and Community

We dive into significant trends relating to how you can live in Community.

We see growing impacts on families and nations.

That means we need solutions. Creative solutions (Reimagine).  Well-thought out solutions (Rethink).

We will explore many of these within Eyes-n-Ears as we build content.

Climate Change

We think significant changes are coming down the pipeline of history.

Yes, we do think Climate Change is real, happening, and is a very real risk.

Climate migration and severe drought and famine has already impacted many people.

Click here for our Climate Change Page.


As of initial production release of this portal (March 17, 2022) we are watching the Ukraine Crisis with mixed feelings (somewhere between horror and deep sorrow). Coupled with those feelings is a deep sense for the needs of those suffering and displaced from their homes.

We believe everyday citizens of Russia (especially younger people with access to the internet) are grieved over what has happened. Many of them have friends and family in the Ukraine. Many Russians are simply seeking to live a normal life and raise a family and enjoy the basics of life, friends and one another.

We know that those highly impacted (Ukraine citizens) are in need of solutions. Solutions exist—with willing hearts—for continuity of their lives across many nations. For those seeking to remain in the Ukraine or Russia, we express our hope for peace in restored countries.

We sincerely hope that you can take some of the principles from this site and Reimagine and Rethink of a better life for them. They need our help.

We appreciate and value your direct humanitarian efforts to assist those in need.


Yes, we all know about Covid and the impacts upon our lives.

People need one another. COVID-19 has only run a big highlighter through our need to connect with one another.

Areas of high population density and embedded poverty face increased risk from Disease in its many forms.

Reimagine and Rethink seeks to find new and innovative solutions to assist those encountering the impacts of disease.

Food and Water Supply

Many factors—known and potential—impact our ability to grow and harvest food.

Climate change is a big factor. We have also seen negative spinoff effects from the pandemic (e.g. – supply chain challenges).

Reimagine and Rethink seeks to provide tools to assist you as you connect with others to create better Community solutions.

One thing is certain.  We all need food and water.


Enhancements Pending

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We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.