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Rethink My Community Landing Page

The Main Rethink Site

The main Rethink My Community site is live.

You will find a link back to this portal in the Menu area of Rethink My Community.

The link that follows will take you from this Portal (Reimagine-Rethink-Community – RRC) and you will enter the Rethink My Community website.

April 30 2022 – Only the Home Page is available to view within Rethink My Community.

Content preparation is underway.

Follow the Preparations for our first Concept Model. Link is above.

Links will take you directly to the sites.

When an icon appears before one of the links, the link is live. As more “content” comes online these are our signal to you that content exists in a given site. Other signals will be provided in Eyes-n-Ears.

Thank you for your patience during rollout.

April 30, 2022.  Rethink is live but content is not yet submitted to the website.

Please refer to The Big Picture for additional information.


Enhancements Pending

Content or additional functionality for this link, page or function is in development. 

We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.